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Let Us Design For You

Ascension Inspired Clothing Let US Design For You

Let Us Design For You

Reach out to us if you have ideas for designs or collections that fit with our brand ethos and that you would like to see included on our website. Any good ideas then we would be happy to consider as we create all our designs in-house ourselves.

Let Us Celebrate The Great Souls Amongst Us - Dedicate a piece of art and clothing line to someone special!

What a great way to dedicate this as a gift to yourself or some one you admire or love. We can even title the design on our website after them as a tribute. We can then send you a unique discount code that will give you a generous discount when you place the order on our website.

Terms and conditions

1. Design suggestions must fit in with our brand message, brand ethos and collections. We will also have to check for copyright infringement before we go ahead.

2. We can name the design after the person's first name or a name that is a suitable title of your or our choice.

3. We will send you the link to the new t shirt design on our website together with a discount promotional code. You will need to add the discount code at the end checkout and this will enable a 50% discount on the transaction. Please bear in mind currently we only ship to a UK destination.

All we ask is:

a) that you leave us a photo review on our website with image of the person wearing it or you forward it by email or Whatsapp. It is completely up to you if you want to show a face.

b) that we may include this photo with other free designs we've made for people on our website at some point in the future.

Business and Corporate Designs Instruction

We also design for business's and can design corporate logos and social media banners, post's and logos in different high quality files and to the correct social media platform specification. Email us for details.