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Our Story

The vision we hold of ourselves and indeed what we wear can become powerful tools for positive inner transformation.

Ascension Inspired Clothing™ is the number one destination store of awakened apparel for body & soul producing fashion clothing for the awakened man, woman & child. We are a new free-thinking pro-choice brand creating original, premium & vibrant designs tied into the latest fashion to help lift your mood and inspiring you to move confidently and fearlessly through your day.

We have carefully tried to create a brand for everyone and every taste. We understand there are times we want to proclaim our truth to the world but most often we just want to get on with our day yet, feel aligned to our core values and connected to them by wearing something that can remind us of that.

We have created this brand for people across the world young and old, from all cultures and walks of life to not only stand tall in these challenging times but to also inspire them to go one step further and live their ideals and achieve their highest dreams.

We believe we are living in a great awakening and even amongst some of the crazy things we see it can be greatest time for us to unravel ourselves and decide who we want to be through all this, and then take a high jump up. We have done just that. We have created a brand from nothing just with the power of thought. We hope our designs can help empower you on your own journey and if so then we have achieved what we set out to do.

We Are Here To Rise!